Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tagged Again

I have been tagged, yes again, but this time by Maria. I am to list 6 unimportant things about me.

1) I love square dinner plates, R hates them but when we registered he did let me register for some. They are my favorite plates now and the ones we use most often.

2) I hate white walls and yet live in an appartment where we can't paint the walls. I hate it and it sucks!

3) R and I bought BOTH our living room rug and couch BEFORE we had a place to move into. We stored both at my mom's house for about a month while we found a place we liked.

4) I know how to re-apulstry things. Now how many other women my age can do that?!

5) R and I were pronounced "partners for life" rather than "husband and wife" becuase we view ourseves as partners.

6) I never thought I would be a bloger, infact I never thought I would be a part of an online community either. But now I am not sure I can imagine my life without these friends of mine.

Now I will tag: Libby, Liz, Lacy, and Heather.


close2it said...

So glad your IUI and mom's surgery went well. Hope you're feeling okay and this ends up with a bfp for you!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

I LOVE my square dinner plates but they are a bitch to fit in my dishwasher. LOL.

And I agree with your #6. I used to think blogs and chat rooms were weird and now I can't go a few hours without logging on. I've become engrossed in my online friends' lives more than my friends IRL!