Friday, June 27, 2008


Short story: Baby fine and doing well, but I am still freaking out about telling.

So the time has come to tell R's parents. As previously mentioned I really don't want to do this. Last night R and I had a serious talk about some stuff and then he wanted to know about when he should set up a dinner with his dad and the wife to tell. I told him "how about when I hit 20 weeks?" I was only half serious, but if he would go for waiting longer I would totally take him up on it.

I feel fine about the pg until it comes to telling his family. They are just so unsupportive of everything we do. If something did go wrong, God forbid, would they be able to be there for us? Would they understand? Would they even care? My answers to these quesions are no, which makes me really sad for R. His family is so distant from our lives that I wonder: if we didn't tell, would they even noice?

I told R last night that I will never be okay with telling them, that we just have to do it. That he needs to stop asking if I will be okay and he needs to set up the date to tell them. I will go with but he needs to be the one to tell and to answer questions.

I have decided to pray for strenght in the mean time. Help from above should get me through this, no matter what thier reaction is. So next week we will take the plunge. And I am sure between now and then you will here more on this subject.


Anonymous said...

It's crappy situation for your both, but I bet R needs you to be strong for him in case their reaction isn't ideal. Since it's his parents, he will likely take it harder if they are not happy, which just makes me so sad.

Good luck and I hope you find that strength you are praying for!

april said...

I understand completely! We're not even pregnant yet and I already dread telling my in-laws! :( Any time the subject of our infertility battles comes up, my MIL changes the subject. Because if we dont talk about it, it doesnt exist, right? :(

Hang in there! Do what is best for YOU and YOUR BABY!!!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry that something that should make you so happy is causing you such stress. This time is about you. Seriously, if you don't get the reaction you want, get up and walk out!

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

This is supossed to be a happy time for you - I hate that your IL give you so much stress.

Good Luck telling them - sending you IL Vibes your way!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope that you can stretch it a couple of extra weeks. And I really hope they will be excited for you two. You so deserve it.