Sunday, June 29, 2008

Auntie Shannon

I don't think I have ever devoted a whole post to Shannon and by golly it is time.

Shannon is my BFF, for those of you who don't speak tween that stands for Best Friend Forever. For many people this title is reserved for only those they have known since High School or if they are luck diapers, but Shannon and I have only known each other for 4 years. However I am confidant we will be BFFs for years to come. WHY? because we are insanely alike!

Compare our political views, our childhoods, our outlook on life and values and you will see we are really the same person. Sometimes R jokes that married my opposite and have my twin as my BFF. This is very true.

Today shopping with Shannon she accompanied me to Lullaby Lane ( an upscale baby everything store and Babies R Us, both levels of hell for an infertile with their abundant baby bumps but tolerable for those of us lucky to graduate from the RE to mommy hood. We spent the whole day together just us. We gave advice to the mommy next to us in line at the baby store who seemed shocked when I mentioned we both had nannied for twins. We found lots of cute must haves for my little one, including a Katan carrier which I LOVE and bought. It was a fun relaxing day. I get to be myself around Shannon and I hope she gets to be herself around me. Like always today we lost track of time and as I left I found myself wishing as I often do that we lived closer or their was more time in the day.

So thanks Shannon for the great day. Your going to be a wonderful honorary auntie to this baby, and a wonderful mommy yourself one day.


Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

Love this story. i also have a BFF - but also not from High School. We met in 2000 and we slowly became friends. In a few short weeks we realized how much we had in common.

I love her to death!!! My Husband thinks its funny how alike we really are!

Anonymous said...

Love you too babe. Tear. Shannon