Monday, February 2, 2009

The things you give up

A few weeks ago I gave up chocolate because it was keeping Riley up at night. It was hard but to be honest not as hard as people might think. While I do crave it at times, as long as it isn't in the house I can resist. When I gave it up I often told people that while it was hard to give up I could think of much harder things to have to give up, like breathing, walking, or dairy. Yes dairy is ranked up there with breathing in my book. Why? Because I live on yogurt, milk and cheese as a main source of protein.

I have watched in awe as friends have given up the liquid goodness of milk because their child has reflux and thought many times that I couldn't imagine having to give it up myself. Many nights I will have milk and graham crackers as a snack before bed that on top of the two glasses with dinner, the grilled cheese for lunch and the glass of milk in the am I have with my breakfast.


I would do anything for my son. Run into a burning building to save him: anything. And it looks like that is going to include giving up dairy for a while. The pedi says we can start with just milk, and give up that first. If that doesn't help then I will need to give up all dairy. This on top of him getting meds three times a day. Yes my son has reflux, it is a new development one I thought we had been blessed not to get, but according to the pedi reflux can happen suddenly at this age, grrrrr.

I have to admit if it stops the screaming at the breast I will be fine with giving it up, that isn't to say it won't be hard, much harder than giving up the caffeine in chocolate. But the sacrifice will be worth it, because it is much harder to watch my son scream in pain than it is to give up dairy.


shiner said...

Sorry to hear about the reflux. You and my sis have so much in common. Her youngest had reflux and asthma/allergies. He slept on one of those wedge deals and she fretted a lot but he is perfectly healthy. I am sorry you have to give up one of your favorite food items. I didn't want to give it up either but after I read the book "Skinny Bitch" (this was a few years ago) I did. Mainly because the cows utters are so over used they get infected and puss can go into the milk supply. I know that is gross but I am hoping it will help you when you think about going for that milk with gram crackers;o>

~Jess said...

It's not easy to give up things, especially milk (I know I would have a hard time of's a good thing I work in a dairy plant-Free milk).

Hang in there...

Trish said...

I gave up milk about 6 months ago. It was SUCKY at first but it gets easier.. now it seems weird. Though sometimes that jug of milk in the fridge DOES call to me.

ggop said...

I'm so sorry baby Riley is having reflux. I hope this phase passes soon. Giving up dairy is surprisingly tough. But yes, I know you would do anything for the baby.
I hope you can eat something like steak or other meat for protein..
Are you going to need a calcium supplement now that you are off dairy?
(I'm guessing you don't drink orange juice or eat broccoli now for the reflux)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ariel,
I am so sorry to hear this but it explains alot of Riley's behavior lately. Sending you hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

Aww, so sorry to hear Riley has reflux, but thankfully there is something you can do to help him.
Good luck, hun!

Echloe said...

My friend had to give up dairy while breast feeding and was so so sad. Now if it were me it would be fine because I hate milk. Makes me wanna gag. I've been drinking soy milk for years. But I do love cheese. I guess that would be tough. Hmmm.

Well you are a good mommy giving up chocolate. That would also be hard for me.

Maria said...

I was just thinking of that.. How awesome mothers are to be giving up things for their children!

Riley is a lucky little guy to have an awesome mom.