Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A day at the park.... with Momzilla

Coming2Terms blogger has a term for those annoying self involved "Look at me" mommies of the world, she calls them Momzilla. You know who they are, self involved, self-centered and can't put them self in other people's shoes. They embody the opposite of those traits we as mothers try to teach our children: caring, respect, sharing.

Today I ran into one of those momzillas. I was wearing Riley in his sling and pushing my niece on the swing when her friend's child climbed on the swing next to us.
"I can't believe my sister-in-law" she complained loudly "she isn't coming to my baby shower." There is some debate even in the IF community on if it is okay to not go to a loved one's baby shower, but most people agree it is about self comfort. However this women wasn't having her first child she was having her THIRD, and the other two are not out of diapers yet! Momzilla went onto talk about how her SIL had had a m/c at X-mas and that she was using it as an excuse to not go.

I wanted to reach over and slap this woman and simultaneously hug her poor sister in law. What kind of woman wouldn't feel some kind of compassion for her SIL? I am not saying this woman can't be hurt because her SIL isn't coming but as the conversation went on it became obvious it wasn't about the presence of her SIL but the gift. "She probably won't even get us a gift, because going into babies r us is to hard for her".

This woman wins a Momzilla award for her lack of compassion, I can only hope her childen's father can teach them about empathy for others.


Trish said...

what a heinous bitch!

Just Me said...

OMG~! WOW!!!

I think I would have LOST IT on that woman!!!

Good for you for 'minding your own business'

ggop said...

Wow - it takes all kinds eh? Seriously f**ked up.