Thursday, February 19, 2009

It is raining

Its raining, metaphorically speaking, at my house right now. Riley has caught my cold and while he is still fairly smilie, he is fussy if not the center of attention at every moment. He hates the bulb syringe which we use to suck out buggers and hates the buggers even more. He can't breath well, he is coughing, and while he can't say it I am sure he is miserable and thinking what the hell is going on?

The other piece of news is that his jaundice is worse not better. Actually the breastfeeding jaundice is better but the bad jaundice is up. So yesterday we ran him for his first set of STAT labs, a liver enzyme panel and a few other tests. When I saw the print out my first thought was "holy hell, will he even have enough blood for all those tests?" but it was only two vials. He did an excellent job at the blood draw. R held his legs, and a nurse helped hold his arm while the flabotomist stuck him. He only let out a couple of little whimpers and actually smiled at the nurse a few times. You might be wondering where I was during all of this? I was sitting in the chair on the other side of the room trying not to cry. My fear of needles is no better when the needle is for my son than it is if the needle is for me. Long ago R and I decided that he would try to always be there for any procedure that involved a needle. We don't need our kids picking up on my anxiety and developing their own fears.

Now we are just waiting for the tests to come back. Dr. Wonderful told me worst case is that his liver bile ducts are clogged and he will need surgery to open them. If he doesn't get the surgery we are looking at liver failure. I would really like to avoid both the surgery and liver failure, so send us your good thoughts, your prayers, or what have you. Heck I'll even sacrifice a moose like Trish does fr Robbie if it will help.

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