Thursday, February 26, 2009

He found his thumb

Riley has been working at finding his thumb for a week or so now. He can suck on his fist but hadn't figured out how to get just his thumb in him mouth. Well now he has figured it out. It has only happened a few times and most of the time he just sucks on his fist but he is getting there.

I was a thumb sucker and the one thing I have vowed not to let Riley be is a thumb sucker. Babies have an innate need to suck and thus I am fine giving him a paci because those can be taken away but a thumb is harder to take away. Believe me I know!

Hopefully we can keep him from becoming a thumb sucker but it is a lot harder than it sounds and at the moment he is testing both R and my will power. Every time he gets his thumb or fist we try to replace it with the paci, sometimes this works other times he screams in protest. We will however continue to take his thumb away, until either he doesn't want it anymore or my will power fades. The memories of me fighting with my parents over my own habit is a strong motivation as is the 3,000 dollars worth of orthodonic work I required once I stopped.

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