Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dr visits for both ot us

Today was a LONG day, R had taken the day off since it was Riley's well baby visit and 1st set of shots. This weekend I started coming down with the sniffles, which last night turned into a cold. Boo, I hate being sick but being sick with a baby so much worse. Of course I realize I am also lucky because so far Riley isn't sick and since I am BFing he is getting all my good antibodies so if he does get sick supposedly it won't be as bad.

I had planned for weeks to go to Baby Yoga with R today because he really needs some practice with age appropriate interactions. He is great with Riley don't get me wrong but some times his interaction style leaves a little to be desired. Like when they sit in front of the TV and R tells him about politics, but at least they are interacting and in truth Riley doesn't know the difference if we talk to him about baseball, politics, daily life or any other subject. Well Baby Yoga went well. R didn't get into it quite as much as I had hoped but oh well, at least he tried it.

Then we went to the all evil K.ai.ser for both a Dr appointment for me and then one for him. My appointment was just for the cold and like I thought, it is just a regular cold. So I am stuck feeling misreble because the only thing a BFing mom can take (that will help my particular cold) is Rob.itus.sin DM and that drys up your milk. I am going to take it only at night and see how bad it hurts my supply. If I can take it and still BF then I will but BFing comes first. I will suffer through the cold if I have to, I won't be happy about it but I will do it.

Next we so Dr Wonderful (Riley's pedi), I must admit if I was allowed a 2nd husband I would chose him, despite the fact that he is taken and has a wonderful 4 year old with his partner.

You will all be happy to know Riley is doing well, I hesitate to say he is healthy because truth be told we are still battling the jaundice. If any of you out there have/had a baby with jaundice at 12 weeks could you leave a comment for me with a way of contacting you. Thanks.

Because of the jaundice we are now looking at a consult with a gastro dr, and we had another blood draw to check levels. I hate needles but watching your kid get poked and having him scream is so much worse!

Other than the jaundice he is doing well and Dr wonderful is thrilled with him, called him a happy baby, and very alert. Ya!

For the record Riley is now measuring:
Weight: 12lbs 12.8 oz (64%)
Height: .597m or 1' 11.5" (59%)
Head size 38.7cm (14%)

After a quick run to the pharmacy we headed home... 4 hours later! We are now home and I am off to bed. I will update again and next time I promise pictures.

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