Friday, September 5, 2008

Weeks 22 and 23

Not sure if anyone noticed but I never posted last week baby update. I wrote it, and then forgot to post it. So today you are getting both. No belly pics though, since you got lots of pics earlier in the week but I do promise some for next week. I feel like I am changing a lot now and need to track the growth so keeping you guys up to date will be a good excuse.

22 Weeks

This weekend R felt the baby kick! Sunday am he put his hand on my belly to say good morning and baby let out a BIG kick! R had felt a flutter or two last week but he kept asking if I was sure that was the baby. This time he knew it was!

I have always disliked maternity stores, some how even now I feel like I still don't belong there. Yes I am 21 weeks pg or about 5 months along BUT I don't feel "big" enough yet to belong. R has to convince me I do before we go in, he still has to tell me we can leave at any time. On Sunday I was hoping to buy a new pair of capries, the sales lady was acting all helpful until I mentioned my growing bump then she tells me "just wait till you are 4 or 5 months along and you will really pop!" My reaction "I am 21 weeks!” I hate being told I look small, it is almost worse than being told I look big. So save yourself the trouble and just tell me I look great. In fact I think that advice works for when talking to all pg ladies.

This week has also marked my body in a new way. I am receiving my first few pg stretch marks. I have some from before so I don’t think they are too awful and with time they will fade. I knew I was bound to get them, genetically I was destined for them.

There was a heat wave this week. The pool became my new best friend, sorry Shan. I got in it a few times just to cool off and try and beat the heat a little. My legs still look ghostly white even though it is about to be September, but at least they didn’t burn this year, yet.

I talked to my Dr about my blood pressure because it is easily changed by my salt intake and always has been. We decided no more French Fries, and that I need to watch my salt intake. He didn’t give me a range to stay under which is nice in a way, it means I don’t have to obsess about it. It was the only thing he said I need to be concerned about so far. I knew this would be a concern for my Dr. Luckily I have a home blood pressure monitor and can take it daily. On average it has been 90/54, which is really really good! He also said that no matter what my blood pressure does no traveling more than an hour away after Thanksgiving, or even for Thanksgiving. Thank GOD Shannon and Holly live 55 minutes away!!! I think I would die if I couldn’t go visit them! This won’t get me out of Thanksgiving or Christmas with the in-laws, sadly.

23 Weeks

Just one more week to viability! I am still quite nervous about making it to viability and then making it to the point where little one has a good chance of meaningful survival (around 28 weeks). I am still saying things like “If we make it full term” even though my Dr sees no reason I won’t make it to full term. I still feel like I have the ability to jinx this, as if admitting that we might get a live healthy newborn out loud, or even just on this blog, makes it more likely for the higher powers-that-be to snatch it away. I recognize that this isn’t healthy but I still feel this way at times. Much less than before but still the feeling is there at times

I am back to having nightmares again. They all end with dead babies in my arms, this is probably the reason I am so on edge about viability. Last night I had a particularly horrible one, when R got up, about an hour before I normally do, I made him get me the doppler so I could use it. I found baby right away and then quickly went back to sleep.

I have finally started on the nursery! This week I went through my 2nd closet the one I will need to give up for the baby and took out anything I hadn’t worn in a year. Would you believe that is two boxes worth of clothing!?! We still have a lot to do but we have a plan now. My desk is coming out into the living room and his table of crap is going into storage. My scrap booking stuff is going into the closet, on the left side where there won’t be much baby clothing. This should make the room quite empty, or at least empty enough to paint!


shiner said...

I am so happy for you. I wish I could go to a maternity may be a little too early considering I am only 8 weeks! I think your feelings are normal considering all you've been through. I hate it when people tell me not to be negative, mostly this comes from normal pregnancy people, too. Just because we have doubts, based on our experience doesn't mean we are negative.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome about R feeling the baby kick. Really awesome, in fact!

Good luck on your nursery project!

ggop said...

Aw cool that R could feel the baby kick. I totally agree with comments about pregnant women being very dicey. Some people are told they look too big, some are made to feel inadequate because they look too small..wth! A friend told me my boobs have become huge, it made me feel very self conscious :-(

theworms said...

I am so happy for you Kitty. I can't believe how quickly time is flying. GL

Ariella said...

ggop: My boobs are huge too! I have gone up a whole cup size and then some. My friends have all noticed that, but it doesn't bug me as much as the belly thing does. But I stick to my recommendation of telling pg women they are glowing or look radiant. I don't think you can go wrong with those.

ggop said...


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo glad you can still come see us! Even if you couldn't come here, we would just come to you! I can't wait to help you with the nursery. Sending you and the baby all my love!!! Holly