Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6 Random things about.....


I have been tagged to do 6 random things about me but instead want to do them about R. I figure given how many times I have been tagged in the past it would be cool with kid for a kid if I did it about him.

6 Random things about R:

1) R is the youngest. He has an older brother and an older step-sister, who his dad then adopted as an adult.

2) Each of R's parents, step parents and such have been married THREE times! I find that so weird and very scary. We are very much hoping to break that trend.

3)R works for a company just about all of you have heard of, and he does IT admin for them. In other words his job is to make the computers talk to each other. He loves it and hates it but he is good at it.

4) R comes from a military background, his dad served as did his grandfather and uncles and so did R during the Clinton Era, although he was still "in" the military during 9-11 and Afghanistan he was never called (thank god). He got out a month into our relationship and I am thankful he won't be returning to that life even though I know at times he misses it.

5) R has no sense of rhythm, he is a white boy who can't dance. We joke about it all the time. Yet as bad of a dancer as he is, I love to slow dance with him.

6) He hates my blogging. He doesn't understand my need to share our life with the world and he worries a lot about the info I post on here. He would never tell me to stop it though

Oh but wait I have been tagged by Littly Moneky too. But there is an issue with that. Little Money: I can't find your blog. I don't know what kind of tag we are playing; is it a meme or 6 random things or something else? For now I am going to assume it is a 6 random things. If it isn't please let me know and I will join what ever kind of tag it is.

6 Random things about my average day:

1) I try and go through all my blogs at least once to see if there are any new posts. I don't believe in google reader since it doesn't pick up on blogs that are password protected.

2)I drink 2 -4 glasses of milk a day. I love it! It is good for baby and since it is non-fat it isn't too bad for me either.

3) I call R at work almost as soon as I am up. I just started this recently and so far we both really like it. It gives us a chance to connect in the am since he is often (always) gone before I get up.

4) Kegals, squats, tailor sitting, and pelvic rocking are daily exercises for me, and come highly recommended by Dr. Bradley for a healthy pg and a healthy birth.

5)Work on the soon to be baby room which was once a junk room. I am actually starting to make some real progress in there. A huge feat considering R won't help me at all. He says he will help but we have been living here for over a year and he only goes in there to open the window to vent the house or for food or litter for the girls.

6) A nap! Most days this just means 30 minutes in bed relaxing by reading or loving a cat, but yesterday I slept in till 9 am went back to sleep at 11am, woke up at 2pm was back in bed at 4 and got up at 5:30. I feel great today and think my body just really needed the rest.

Now as for who I am tagging:
Awaiting Baby
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Anonymous said...

Fun stuff! I had no idea about R's military background, that's cool!

Nick doesn't hate my blogging, but he does NOT have the need to share our life with anyone, so I don't think he totally "gets it".

Anonymous said...

So much good info! I love naps too!

littlemonkey said...

LOL, it's little monkey, but when you typed it in your blog, you wrote "little money" guess we have substantially less of that since we've had our munchkin.

It's Janessa from the nest and my blog is www.littlemonkey-babyo.blogspot.com