Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Most people when they hear this word think plastic or glass bottles and paper but recently it has taken on a new meaning for me. Recently I have begun applying it to... surprise, surprise... baby items!

I have always thought children use things for way to short a time too buy new 'stuff' for each baby that comes into the world. My sister had three swings between her two kids at her house and for me that sounds crazy, even crazier given the size of our apartment. After two kids she has a plethora of "stuff" some of which she has given away but most of which sits up in storage above my mom's garage. My sis has been great about giving me some stuff, a boppy, a swing (although the crappiest of the three she has), a bouncer, a play mat and a few boxes of baby clothing not to mention a hell of a lot of maternity clothing. I am very thankful that I get to recycle these things for my child rather than them ending up in a land fill, and it means I don't have to spend money to buy them either. Other people in my family are horrified, put simply, all of R's family can't believe I don't want "new" stuff for my first baby.

The idea of receiving used gifts horrifies them and they can't believe that one of my favorite baby shops is a containment store. I will admit there are a few things where used will not do, the car seat and extra base but other than that I don't mind used. I have tried reasoning with them that it is a great way to shop on a budget given my 2nd favorite store is Gymboree. The money I save at the consignment store goes toward something new at Gymboree but they still can't wrap there heads around the idea that recycling is better than new. Isn't that sad? Now I love our consumerism society as much as the next 20 something girl but resources are running out. And contrary to what was shoved into my brain by TV and friends as a teen, lots of stuff doesn't equal happiness.

Yes I L>O>V>E my 'new' Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag! I love that it matches my stroller and that it holds 3 bottles at a time BUT what I love most about it is that I found it for 50$ in excellent used condition. More than I love the bag I love the extra 100 bucks sitting in my bank account because I found it used. I got what I want, didn't make R gasp at the price tag AND that bag didn't end up in the trash. WIN WIN WIN! How can you argue with that?

I understand this isn't everyone's cup of tea and it does take some getting used to but try it and you might be surprised. I like carrying my heavy wallet in my new bag and I think you might like that feeling too.

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mykidsmomx4 said...

I love using "freecycle". We have a messageboard that runs about 20 posts a day for people who need items or have items to offer.

I've picked up tons of clothes for my kids (and passed a ton more on)... not to mention other things. I freecycled an old fridge and stove while someone freecycled to me 2 bushels of apples from their backyard (I'll be making applesauce forever!)

I'm no environmentalst, but used is a great concept and there is already so much out there!

Anyway, just a new reader with my first comment. Have a great night!