Monday, September 1, 2008

Highs and Lows of Wedding Weekend

There is a 'full' wedding recap below this post (including a belly pic!), this one is just the highs and lows. Lets start with a little Awing, then do a two vents then Aw again. Sound good? Then lets go...

First AW:

I took a bunch of great photos this weekend. I played with the settings on my C.a.nn.o.n and got some nice shots. Nothing like "professional" ones but pretty good for me. Here are a few of my favorites:

The little girl in the last one was a flower girl, she is also R's cousins oldest. Isn't she CUTE!?!

Now my first vent:

I haven't had much experience with unwanted belly touching till this weekend. Sure R touches my belly and so do my friends but they all have fairly open invitations to do so. Other people I prefer ask and I ALWAYS say yes. I just like to be prepared that my body is about to be touched, seems like a reasonable request to me but R's mom, G disagrees. She gave me a big hug and proceeded to rub the belly. I very nicely asked her to please ask before touching my belly and she says to my belly "Can Grandma give you a rub, yes she can any time she wants." Ryon nicely stepped in and said "mom she means you need to ask HER". G didn't listen but it was the first time in a long time R has stood up to a parent in my defense. It felt nice. She continued to try and rub my belly without asking all weekend, but each time she did so without asking I simply moved out of reach. By the last day she had gotten the idea and finally asked before rubbing. Who says and old dog can't learn new tricks?

Vent Two:

Since we were staying in a separate hotel all weekend it was easy to avoid most family before the wedding, including R's dad, P. I even lucked out and was able to passively ignore him almost the whole wedding, until he approached me (R said hello to him right after the reception). It felt good to make him come to me. We chatted for a second I told him what a beautiful wedding it was, how happy we were for the couple and did NOT mention the u/s pics in my purse, he had seen me showing a few people but R and I were admit that he should ask to see them. The he finally brought it up, the baby, that is. The baby which he still hasn't congratulated me for. He told R and I he didn't want to know the gender. i said that was fine for now, since we don't know either, but that we did plan on finding out and then announcing gender at the shower. He asked us not too, something I don't feel is his place, but R and I simply said we would do what we could to keep him from finding out but that shower participants would be finding out.

R and I agree that he did this as a way to try and control the situation. He can't control that we are pregnant or what month the baby is born or even gender, so he is going to try to control when he finds out the gender. Fine by me but that doesn't mean I am not telling other family and friends! Since R convinced me one big shower would be better than two tiny ones, his family is invited to "my" shower. This means his family will find out with mine what we are having, something I am excited about doing! So P will just have to find a way to keep his ears from hearing the gender news from October 5th (shower day) till the baby comes some time around Jan 1st 2009. R and I agree we can keep the secret and not let it slip in front of him, can the rest of the family? I don't know but I refuse to keep the gender a secret from everyone simply because Grandpa, who isn't happy about baby in the first place, doesn't want to know gender till birth!

My Aw:

I may have the best partner on EARTH! He was great this weekend. Stood up to his mom, saw that his dad was trying to be in control, kept certain "people" as far away from me as he could and was supportive the whole weekend. I love that man!


Maria (MKC101103) said...

Aside from your in-law crap, I'm glad the wedding was so nice. Those are great pictures too!

ggop said...

Glad R stood up for you. In the end, that's all that matters. Too bad you got crap from your in laws. Your FIL is certainly trying to take control of your shower. If it bothers him so much, perhaps he can stay home!
(Did I just say that out loud :( ??)

shiner said...

Well it sounds like you handled everything like the classy one you are! Sad that others just have no couth, isn't it? You look beautiful, by the way and I am so glad you had fun!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad R stepped up to his mom about the unwanted touching. Sorry about FIl's wanting to take control of the situation, that is a load of crap if you ask me. I'm glad you had a fun time and the pictures came out great!