Friday, October 5, 2007

I Oed!!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post but I have been incredibly busy. I am thinking I should work my was from last post and then get current. So here we go.

After multiple break downs about wither on not I was going to ever ovulate this cylce Fertility Friend finally put in my ovulation date as the 28th. I was thrilled until my temp plummeted on Monday but FF still said I had Oed. I tried to be hopeful but couldn't so I called my OB and asked the nurse for a P4 test. He gave me this huge spiel about driving myself crazy and how he wouldn't do this every month. How it takes healthy couples about 6-9 months to get pg on average. I tuned him out. All I wanted to know was that he would give me the test, and he said he would this month so I was happy.

I went out to lunch with mom that day and told her about the test. She said while she is excited about knowing if I ovulate but that she wasn't going to get supper excited till I got a + pg test. I told her I was okay with that but in truth I was a little disappointed. I want her to be happy with me now! After all what if this is as good as it gets?

Thursday (yesterday) I went in to get blood work done. I wanted to call last night but didn't because I knew they might not have the results yet and that knowing they weren't in yet would somehow make waiting worse. I called today at about 10 am. We wanted anything above 10. I wanted something between 12 and 15. What I didn't want was 9.8 or anything like 10.1 because that would be to close and I would still question ovulation. So when she told me 13.2 I screamed!!! I literally screamed with joy. I told her I was so happy and thank you as if she had anything to do with my high numbers. Then I apologized for screaming. She told me it was okay and that she was happy she made my day. I wanted to reach into the phone and kiss her I was so happy. When I hung up I continued to do happy screams for a moment and then called R (husband). He was happy to get good news too. Of course this tells us nothing about pg but I am hopeful. And now I only have a week left until testing. Come on June Baby!!!

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