Wednesday, October 10, 2007

testing in the am

In the morning I am testing. After much internal debate about the subject I have decided to test in the am since I will be 14dpo. Of course now I am freaking out and want to change my mind but DH really wants me to test and I am dying to know. So here I go. Just for fun here are the top reasons it would be perfect to get a BFP this month.

10) I could tell my mom at dinner after she gets back from Washington.
9) I would be due in June before it gets incredibly hot.
8) I could do a semester of Grad school before the baby arrives.
7) I have been off depo a year!
6) I could personally debunk the relax theory because my stress level was so high this month.
5) I would be 26 when I give birth (the 'planned' age when I was just a kid).
4) DH would only be 33 and we would have a chance of having two kids before he is 35!
3) We could tell family for X-mas!
2) I would be one step closer to being a MOM!
1) I would get to be pregnant!!!!

So wish me luck!

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