Saturday, April 4, 2009

My NEW Ride!

I got my new stroller today!

Before I got pregnant I had really wanted a, but to get all the little extras I wanted would have been almost 1,000 dollars. R put his foot down and said I didn't need a, and he was right I didn't need it but boy did I want it. After I came to terms with not getting a, I did a TON of research because a few of the features I love on the bugaboo come on other strollers too. I found one that got mostly good reviews and was in our price range.

Meet the BUMBLER.IDE FLYER: Riley and my new wheels!

Here it is on Youtube:

I had been worried about buying it since you can't find it in any store and thus it needs to be ordered online. But I shouldn't have. I actually love it more than the!

Here is Why I love it:

- You flip the handle bar rather than the seat, which allows you to face the baby or have the baby face out, without moving the baby!
- It weighs only 19 pounds and is very sturdy. Good news for my back.
- I handles quite smoothly and turns on a dime!
- Easy to fold and open, plus folds in one piece unlike a
- Allows Riley to lay flat if he falls asleep in it.
- Cute and Stylish plus not everyone else doesn't have it. Yep I am a little bit of an elitist.

I would highly recommend this stroller to just about anyone. I will admit the BOB is a better jogging stroller, but I DO NOT jog, or run. A brisk walk is about as fast as I go and a lazy walk is what I prefer.

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~Jess said...

THAT LOOKS LIKE AN AWESOME STROLLER! We haven't even started looking at those yet, but I will definitely keep it in mind.