Monday, April 6, 2009

Books Books and more Books

R and I love to read so it makes sense for us to get Riley a lot of books and every time we go to the book store I get him two. I have also been collecting board books for a few years. As a nanny people often let me have their gently used items including books. I have stored two boxes worth of books in my mom's attic all these years just waiting to read them to a child of my own. AND NOW I CAN!

I went up into the attic and brought down one box full of books. We got it back to our place and Oh my lord, there are more books than his book case will hold! So this week we need to get another bracket so that the shelves don't snap in half!

The best part is.... there is another box full of books that still need to come down!

With all these new books Riley and I already have our favorites:
Anything by Sandra Boynton
ABC I love You by Hallinan
I Love You Through and Through by Rossetti-Shutak

We also love:
The Family Book By Parr or really anything by Todd Parr!
I wish I were a Pilot By Stella Blackstone and Max Grover

Because they are ethnically diverse. And it is so hard sometimes to find good childern's books which display ethnic diversity without calling attention to it in their themes.

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