Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy 4 Months Riley

Dear Riley,

Today you are four months old and sadly it is raining. I had planned a wonderful day out and about in our favorite town. A day of baby yoga then shopping, lunch with a friend and then time at the park but after baby yoga you and I were both tiered and it was raining so we headed home. Bummer.

This has been a wonderful month. In it you learned to STTN! However, you have yet to repeat the performance. You giggle like crazy and smile at everyone now. If you are in my or daddy's arms there isn't a person you won't smile at. I love this! This may be my favorite month yet! You are actually enjoying tummy time now. HURRAY! This means you get a little more of it these days but it means I am getting less done. Not sure how that works. You still wake up fairly happy in the mornings and from naps, unless you are in the car seat. If you wake up in the car seat you tend to scream.

You are showing some major preference for me and daddy, even with Grandma Dallas who still loves to come over and hang all the time. But if you are in a happy mood and I am near, you are normally content in her arms. Grandma isn't all that happy about your preferences but I love it. I feel like you finally realize I am more than just a food source.

Speaking of food source, please stop biting my nipples when you nurse. It is no fun for either of us. I wince in pain and pull you off and then you cry because I firmly tell you "NO, don't bite". You already hate the word no and we just started using it with you and only in reference to biting.

You love to be around other babies and kids right now. I have begun taking you to the mall, park or any where there are kids so that you can watch them run around. You will kick and swing your arms with excitement while you watch them play. Daddy says this if you could you would join in the fun.

I love you more and more each day my son. My heart seems to fill to the brim and then grow in order to not explode with my affection of you. I can't imaging anything better that being you mommy.

I love you.

Your Mommy,

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ggop said...

Great update Ariel! Its gloomy here in the South bay as well.

Riley likes tummy time now? That's a relief. I'm trying to get my 3 month old boy to like it since he really needs to strengthen his neck muscles according to his physical therapist. I've had no luck. This post gives me some hope :-)