Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4 Month Check Up

Today was Riley's well baby visit for his four month check up. It went well given the nursing strike that happened today but I have already spoken about that. He is growing well, and developing on track EXCEPT he isn't grasping yet or rolling over. I wasn't worried about the rolling over but the grasping concerned me. Dr Wonderful "played" with Riley trying to get him to grasp for the pen, the light and a few other things. It took him a considerable amount of time to even try and reach the object. He never got it on his own, but when given the object he brought both hands to mid line and put it right in his mouth. Exactly what he should be doing on his own. Dr Wonderful said we could do some PT if I wanted "yes please!" was my response. I think he is used to parents who when hearing their child is behind freak a little, but I know that the earlier a issue is caught the easier it is to fix. I think R was taken aback by Dr. Wonderful suggesting PT, the whole conversation he kept telling the Dr that he thought he was reaching/grasping a lot. We haven't talked about how he feels about Riley needing PT but I am sure it will drag up some emotions. The rolling over is no big deal he has a another 3 months to do that and I am not concerned. Riley is already scooting when on his back. So it isn't like he doesn't move, he just doesn't roll yet.

As for growth Riley is right on track he is 87% for weight, 54 for head and 48th for length. If you remember from my BIG u/s the tech commented on his "long legs" well today the nurse commented "he is all torso". Funny how things change.

We also talked about Riley's flat head. I am a BIG fan of the helmet. Our culture is too centered around looks and I think it is more harmful than good to let them simply grow out of the flatness. This only applies to kids who have a noticeable flatness AND as always is JMHO so please not rude comments from the peanut gallery.

We did skip vaccinations today. Dr. Wonderful said not to do them since the nursing thing could be him getting sick. It is weird how the planets keep aligning to keep us from getting them. I am starting to think the universe is trying to tell us something....

Let me leave you with a pic of Riley with Dr. Wonderful:


Steph said...

Hi, I've never commented before but have been reading your blog since before your son was born. After 21 months of infertility my husband and I got pregnant and had our son in December. My son's 4 month checkup was yesterday and the doctor has referred us to a specialist for a flat spot on his head. I don't know that my son's head is that mishapen. In fact, it has rounded out quite a bit over the last few weeks. If you don't mind me asking, can you tell me how obvious the spot is on your son's head? Has it caused any facial asymmetries with your son's facial features? If you don't want to share this informatoin I completely understand but right now I am so upset about the possiblity of having to explore banding. 23 hours a day for 6 months seems like an ordeal for a 4 month old.

Thanks for any insight that you can offer.


Lisa said...

Oh, he's becoming such a big boy!!

Ariella said...

Steph- I would be happy to talk. email me at kittylove516 @ yahoo