Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MIL saves the day!

Yesterday I was emotionally all over the place. One moment I would be fine and the next I would feel like crying. I wasn't depressed, I was hormonal! At the root of all those hormones: family issues. We have a lot of them these days but this time it is about my mom. My mom and I are very close and I thought this pg would make us closer. I naively hoped that she would be as excited about this pg as she was my sister's two. But that hasn't happen, she is excited but not in the way she was with my sister's pregnancy. That has left me feeling kinda sad some days. It is hard to feel like you and your hubby are the only ones truly excited about the baby. I shed a few tears over the mom thing and then my MIL calls. My MIL and I don't exactly see eye to eye on most things but she is THRILLED I am knocked up and she is going to be a grandma. Our conversation was so nice and at the end she told me "I am more excited about see you than the wedding or seeing my sons". We got off the phone and I cried, again not depressed tears but tears of emotion. There is someone out there possibly even more excited than me about this baby! That means the world to me.


~Jess said...

I'm glad your MIL is excited: I know I'm excited, and I've never met you IRL!


ggop said...

I can completely relate to your disappointment with your mom. You would have expected her to be over the moon for you considering it took time and effort to get pg.

But love, support and excitement comes from unpexpected quarters! I'm so glad your MIL geniunely is excited for you.

BTW no DIL and MIL see eye to eye on all issues. Show me one :D

JGirl2005 said...

I'm sorry to hear that about your mom. It's weird. If you expect people to be happy, sometimes you are let down. DH always reminds me that WE are the happiest at the baby news. Others are just like 'oh yeah that's cool'. It's just the way people are - they are more excited about themselves.
My mom is more excited for me being pg than my sisters - it is weird. I have 3 sisters. 1 can't have children, 1 has 3 and my mom was never super excited about her kids. My other sister is trying and my mom specifically wants her to have IF issues. That said though, she didn't help me AT ALL with my wedding and that kinda disappointed me. DH always reminds me that weddings are the same - no one is ever as happy for your engagement as you are.
My mom is also not super excited about the baby. Some days she is, but sometimes she is just whatever.
I'm so happy your MIL is excied. I don't have a MIL anymore, but she would be so happy.
By the way, i consider my mom and me close - she treats me like her favorite.

Stephanie said...

So sweeet of MIL. Is it her first grandchild?

I hope your mom will become more excited as it comes closer to delivery time. It maybe that she is overwhelmed with your sis moving back to town and staying with her (not sure if she still is).

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's wonderful, hun!

LaDonnaKaye said...

Honey I do not understand why a mother would be less or more excited over any of her children's events. I love both my children and would be super excited for them both! Well, this part of the world(North Carolina)is extremely happy that you are having a baby!! I am so glad you have a wonderful MIL. Mine isn't the best. If anything she kept saying we shouldn't have children when DH and I married. OH, but now my SIL is pregnant and she is over the freaking moon!! I just stay away from negative people. Hugs and love! Who knows maybe your mom will come around, if she doesn't you tell her that a red head from NC said she is an idiot for missing out on being closer to her daughter!