Sunday, July 6, 2008

14 Weeks

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. I will start at the beginning of this week and work our way through to today from there.

Tuesday, I went to get my hair done. A friend of mine is a stylist and I have been using her for years. I love going and talking about normal stuff. I decided this time to go ahead and get color put all over the highlights. I figured being out of the first tri it was safer than doing both and still needing toner to give extra color to the highlights. While there another woman came in with her 5 month old, we began chatting and when she said "Sasha (baby's name) is such a miracle and completely worth the wait" I thought "cool an IF patient like me!" NOPE! It took her 4 months! While I admit I was restless at four months looking back I laugh at myself. I ended up telling her how long it took us and from there a conversation bloomed with her hair dresser about IF treatments. She has two friends currently starting the process. I gave her my recommendations and then wrote it all down to pass on to her friends. My hair dresser and I are friends but she had NO idea about the fertility treatments, well now she does! It felt good passing on the info and also being able to in a round about way tell my friend what we went through to get here. And to boot I love my new cut and color!

Friday was the 4th of July so R had the day off. We used the morning to tell his mom that we are pg. She is very excited and wanted to know what we are having. I told her we didn't know yet and she was disappointed. I thought that was funny. I told her it was to early and she wanted to know how early I was. I told her I was out of the first tri and she relaxed a little. She had a m/c between her two healthy boys so I know she was extra worried about that. She listened to the h/b and let out little glees of joy. It was lots of fun telling her! The rest of Friday we relaxed and took it easy.

Saturday we told R's dad and the cunt (his new wife). It went worse than expected. I still haven't processed the whole night so I am just going to re-post what I did on thenest.

Dinner tonight should have been a celebration, since we were announcing being pg but somehow the conversation turned to how R and I were going down the wrong path by having a baby. They told us we should have bought a house first, and they were disappointed I wouldn't be going to school full time now. They told us they don't think we will ever buy a house since we will have a baby and that we can't survive on R's salary (which we already do survive on). They didn't smile not say congrats to me EVER. In short it was awful. I may never speak to them again. I was so upset after dinner it caused cramping which then caused a panic attack. I have since calmed down although I am still not okay with what happened. R is upset and refusing to talk about it he is so hurt by what happened. In short I feel I have every reason to hate my in laws!

So that is my week in a nut shell. Baby is doing fine and is the size of a lemon. She can suck her thumb, wiggle a toe, go pee-pee and is already practicing breathing! A thin coat of hair is starting to cover her body to keep her warm as well.


shawna said...

Your dad sounds like my mom. I expect her reaction to be similiar despite the fact that I am 31, and married, so clearly not her problem anymore.
I am sorry that you had to deal with it. I am not looking forward to telling my mom at all. Congratulations on growing a lemon!

Butterfly said...

Hugs Ariel. Try not to focus on the dick head of a FIL commnets, he is just an insensitive ass who's priorities are screwed up. Your are experiencing the wonderful miracle of carrying a baby, the next generation and hope for the future - If FIL cannot see this and all he can do is be negative then you don't need to have him in your life.
Focus on the people who are happy for you, like your Mom, MIL, all your Nestie friends and ME!!! We are all here to push all his negative comments away and fill you up with positive energy!

"The family you come from isn't as important as the family you're going to have" Ring Larder

ggop said...

Sorry you got such a negative reaction from your FIL. I tell you there is no ideal time to have a baby - house, career etc will follow later. We bought our house almost 8 years ago, I have been employed but it took us such a long time to get pregnant...that's why I feel there is no "best" time. You are young and energetic, its the best time - cheers!

Just enjoy your pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Gah, I'm sorry about the negative reaction. They're idiots.
I'm glad you like your new cut and color-I think that means we need pics!

And I think it's awesome you passed on that information, I think it is really important that people be more aware of just how common this is.

hopefaithlove said...

What a bunch of A holes, sorry but you guys do not need people like that in your life. Lots of HUGS

Amy said...

I'm so sorry you're having a difficult time with your in-laws. That's terrible.

Diana said...

WOW, they suck. I wouldn't be talking to them anytime soon either.