Monday, July 13, 2009

Grandma G's Visit

R's mom visited us last week and we all had a good time. She is just smitten with Riley, and he loved her too. When he first saw her he did cry a little he must have been wondering who the smiling blond was because up until this point in his life all the blondes he knows (is R's step mother) have perpetual scouwls. But he quickly adjusted to her and by the end of the week he was bouncing on her leg like he had know her for years.

R took 4 days off while she was here, one was a vacation day for the company and the other three he used were just regular vacation days. It was so nice having him home for that long, even if things did fall apart at his work. Riley really loved all the attention too. I don't think he was left along for longer than 5 seconds the whole visit.

On the 4th R's mom's side of the family had a big GTG which was fun, unless you were R who hated the whole thing. He doesn't get along with her family. Riley liked all the attention and was his normal smilie self. Everyone wanted to hold him but R and I had agreed before hand that no one but us would be holding him. Mean? Sure but only R and I are the ones who would have had to deal with an over stimulated baby if we had let him be passed around. Thankfully most people understood.

For the rest of the visit we mostly just hung out at home or did lunch out. We all had a good time and it was sweet to watch Riley interact with his other Grandma.

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Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

Thanks for the tip on going into labor early....yikes! Did your doctors think/know you would? or was it a total surprise? I'm a little nervous about that because this is all so new to with all new moms! But I have started a bag and we do plan on having the car seat checked out. Seems a lot of parents have it installed incorrectly! Scary to think of all those kids out there are sitting in incorrectly installed car seats!!

Thanks for all the tips and support!! It's been so great!