Friday, May 22, 2009

Sleep Plan

We are loving the new bedtime routine, not that he is sleeping better but at least we are now consistent. It is helping us get a little more sleep, he now does at least one 3-4 hour stretch a night, but given that at his age he should be at least doing 6 hours in a row we are still exhausted. His structured nights mean a more structured day. I now know when Riley will nap during the day and can actually PLAN things with people! We still need to be home for nursing and naps so that gives me an hour to hour and half to do something. It isn't much time but it is something.

His naps are getting a little bit longer. He hasn't had a 30 minute nap in a few days, and has gone 1.5 hours once without needing me to put him back to sleep. It is a slow road but we are working on it.

At some point we are going to sleep train. I am dreading it. But there are a few things we need to do before we throw another wrench at him.
1) Consistent with bedtime and going to sleep routine for at least 3 weeks (one week done already)
2) Get more food into the boy! This means he needs to both nurse better and we have to start solids. I feel uber guilty about starting them before 6 months BUT I am going insane from lack of sleep.
3)Self soothing: Riley needs to learn how to do this. He can get his thumb most of the time (I gave up on him not being a thumb sucker two weeks ago) but when he can't it pisses him off and sometime he hits himself so hard it wakes him up.
4) Better Naps: An hour is good but he NEEDs more than that.

So we are on our way to hopefully having a better sleeper at some point. In the mean time Shannon is taking Riley overnight for us every few weeks. Tonight will be his second night with her. Knowing I get a night off every few weeks is what is keeping me going right now, otherwise I think R might have to have me committed.

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JGirl2005 said...

hey sweetie! Man, I know it is hard. We usually get a 3hr stretch, sometimes a 4hr. then every 2 hrs. I go to sleep when he does or I can't function at work. I cosleep. DS wont' take a paci, so he sucks on his hands/thumb too.
Let me know how solids go...I know I've heard they don't necessarily extend sleep, but I'm hoping they will. We plan to start cereal at 4.5 or 5months.
we don't have a jumperoo but he was in one at daycare almost a month ago. I plan to get him in an exersaucer in 2 wks. I think he may like a jumperoo better...but too late I only bought one. :) sleep training is difficult. I don't get much sleep and in turn, I'm cranky to DH - I snap A LOT. That is cool you get a night off every few weeks. I don't think I will CIO until 9months or after, but I would hope we never get to that point. I'm not really into attachment parenting, but I do cosleep and I don't believe in CIO this early even though everyone tells me =like ppl tell you - to do it.