Monday, May 18, 2009

Good Morning!

We have been struggling with our nights for a while now. Riley was getting up sometimes every hour and it was killing me and R. Our whole life was taking a back seat because all we could manage to do was make sure we were feed, clothed and alive enough to make it though one more night.

However, Thursday Shan came over and helped us iron out a better routine for both the day and the night. So far it is going well. It helps that breastfeeding is going better too. Actually breastfeeding is going much better. He has now taken a few meals, good size meals even at other people's houses. I even got to have a conversation during one of them. We still struggle with brightly lit places, restaurants, and any where loud. But I will take what I can bet because I was starting to feel like a shut in. A quick run to the store was about all I could do with him. Unless it was our breastfeeding support group, I always made room in the day for that because it was what kept me sane and breastfeeding, that and him not taking a bottle.

While nights are better in the mornings we are still struggling with whether to swaddle or not. He has to be swaddled at night but at about 6am he wakes up, eats and then he goes back to sleep for about and hour. Twice now he has broken out of the swaddle me, but I have been hesitant to give it up. Today he broke out of it again and then went right to sleep and I now know it is time to give it up, at least for that hour nap/finish off the night sleep. I just tried to put him down for a nap not swaddled: FAILURE!

Overall life seems to be improving. Not that it was awful a week ago, just that it wasn't much of a life.


Sasha & Mark said...

I'm so glad to hear BFing is going better. I hope that means you aren't giving up just yet? I hope Riley gets his sleep sorted out. I know it has got to be really trying on all of you! I'm sure he'll get there with the help of his great parents!

Gina - Peke Moe said...

hugs .. my boys suffered reflux and ended up with feeding aversions so I totally understand those issues with feeding in different places!!! it does get better!! in regards to swaddling, we created the Peke Moe for my boy to transition from swaddling.. may be an option if he doesn't transition too well. All the best