Monday, January 26, 2009

Our GREEN Baby

Today is our first day in cloth diapers. Yes that is right fokes Riley is a green baby and loving it. we had decided before birth to wait till Riley was 8-10 pounds to cloth diaper. I figured this would give us a week or two to get settled in at home before starting them. Then he was early, and I had PPD so we put it off a little more. Then at 5 weeks two days before we planed on starting them the washer broke. It is my mom's washer that broke but because we use her washer and dryer it still meant another delay. It took a week to fix the washer and then another week because of some sleep issues and mastitis (more on that in a different post). So today at 7 weeks Riley is in cloth diapers. For now we are just doing cloth during the day. I am using prefolds because they are cheap and have some Bum Ge.nius diapers for when we go out. I would love to use BG all the time but at 20 dollars each I feel it is more fiscally responsible to use the prefolds too.

So far Riley hasn't had any issues adjusting to them. I on the other hand, well lets just say the learning curve with cloth prefolds is steep. It took me almost 3 minutes to get the first one on, and I didn't shave much time off with the second one either. This isn't to say cloth diapering is hard, it just takes a little practice is all.

Here is a picture of our little green baby for everyone's enjoyment:

He is getting really big isn't he!?!


Rachel said...

He looks great. I'd love to hear more about your adventures in prefolds. We're using BG diapers now and I love them but they are SO expensive. We used the really cheap Dappi diapers when my daughter was a newborn and they definitely leaked - not fun.

momma mimi said...

Ariel he is so cute. I love his belly and eyes in this picture. Adorable. Congrats on the cloth diapering. When/if I ever get the chance, I'm definitely joining the effort.