Thursday, January 15, 2009

Night is day and day is night

As a child my mom told me a lot how as a newborn when I would wake up in the middle of the night she would put me in the car seat and drive around town to get me back to sleep. I never thought I would be doing the same thing!

When good friends of ours A and S bought their son a crib rocker and A would wear their son in the Moby so they could get more sleep, I wanted to roll my eyes at them. Holding a sleeping baby, I thought to myself, I won't ever do that. Yesterday Riley napped in my baby Katan wrap.

Sleep has become the precious commodity that R and I trade. He takes Riley at 1 am when he has been getting up and staying up for up to 3 hours the last few nights, and I do all the changes and feeds by myself.

This week Riley has gotten his days and nights mixed up. Thus he is VERY cranky durring the day and awake at night and in the early am. It has been really hard on both R and I and we have been quite grouchy and short with each other. Last night I decided that if Riley was going to wake up and stay up that then he and I would go for a drive to get him back to sleep. His wakeful periods at night were causing very fussy LONG days, and I knew I couldn't take another day where he had to be held while he slept. The drive worked and so far today he has been a happy baby, and is once again sleeping in the bouncer. Ya! I am hopeful that tonight will be better, but if he does demand to be awake at night then into the car we will go. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!! I hope he figures out his days and nights soon!!

Anonymous said...

Careful not to get him in the habit of being put to sleep in the car or you will be driving around every night. Maybe try sleeping him for naps in his bed, rather than the bouncer.