Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Timming BD

Hubby is in bed early tonight. Our neighbors are finally gone- they were evicted today- so he can get some much needed sleep. They have been keeping him up because they felt the best time to move was from 1am till 5am, but I am digressing. The only problem- tonight should be BD night! Yes it is only cd6 but we need to 'clear out the boys' so we have fresh swimmers for later. ;) He was so cute when he turned me down. He had no idea it was for baby purpose- and I was a good wife and let him keep thinking that! It is so funny what women do to keep their men from thinking sex is only about baby making. Believe me I love sex but keeping track of when to O and how to time sex just drains to joy out of it. Funny how something we love can become a chore if you "have to do it".

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