Friday, August 28, 2009

Ugg, here we go again

We started night weaning this week, as well as sleep training but that is the next post, and the timing really could not have been worse. I had just gotten over my period and so my supply was already low. I also had just gone back to school. School means I miss his lunch feeding, and since I can't pump at school my body thinks that 2 days a week Riley doesn't need that feeding. My regular pump has lost 1/2 its suction as well, so while it works great for overnights when my breasts feel like they might exsplode it does crap shit nothing to help increase/maintain a supply. Add to all this that Riley's day intake has gone through the roof, because he isn't taking in anything in at night, and you have a massive supply issue. So, I called up my local breast pump center and rented one for a week. Thus, "Ugg, here we go again"

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ggop said...

Gah! I'm with you on this one. I think nursing till 18 months works way better when you don't have work/school! Kudos to you for being persistent!

Can I request you to share any solid food experiences/gotchas you found along with way with Riley?

I tried avocado today since it is packed with nutrients and fat.