Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who is this baby?

I drempt a lot about what my child would look like when we were trying and even before DH and I met. I always pictured this chubby brown curly haired kid with big dark brown eyes, after all that is what I looked like as a baby. And when I married R that dream changed to a chubby baby with a double chin with lots of dark hair and maybe blue eyes but most likely brown. NEVER in a million years did I picture a blond/red haired almost bald baby with bright blue eyes, never not once in all those years together and all those months trying. And yet that is exactly what I got, and everyday he just gets cuter and more beautiful, and I fall deeper and deeper in love with him!

We must have paied for cloning services rather than fertility services.

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~Jess said...

Too funny: It's interesting how that happens, that baby can look like the spitting image of one parent over another.

I must say though, red hair and blue eyes, he'll be a heartbreaker with all the girls in his class :-)