Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lessons Learned

I didn't sign up for NaBloPoMo this year but I am going to attempt it anyway and try to do 30 posts in 30 days. I have some old issues I really need to workout before baby gets here, some stuff about my father, some stuff about a med free labor, and some stuff about becoming a mom.

First on my list

Infertility taught me a great lesson about life: sometimes you can't pull yourself up by your own boot straps no matter how hard you try.

I have always know this about other people. That sometimes the world and existing powers do everything to keep you from succeeding, but I never realized it would apply to me. Infertility taught me this and has made me more understanding of others struggles. I now see people in forecloser, people in poverty and others unable to power themselves upward in a different light. I am more aware that somethings happen despite trying our best for them not to. And now I know that this was my lesson, that if God really has a master plan for everyone (and I am not saying he does) that this was why it took us longer than most to conceive. God was trying to teach me, that sometimes despite how hard we try life will continue to hand us lemons, or derail us from our dreams.


Jill said...

Well, the good news is: you're pregnant. But, you didn't just sit around and wait for it to happen. In my opinion, you were proactive. You did an IUI and were successful. You did pull yourself up by the boot straps. You've got your dream now. Yay!

ggop said...

Infertility has taught me to never ask sensitive questions to people about when they plan to have kids and dole out a$$vice.

Lisa said...

Yeah, it sucks doesn't it. No matter what some of us do, we will never, never succeed and that's just a really hard pill to swallow. While I think I've learned lessons, right now, it's hard to think of any of them.

Anonymous said...

That is a great lesson. I'm realizing it, also... :-/